Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Quick Thoughts on the Election

Real life has been whaling away on me - making it largely impossible to blog. However, the election begs for some words, hopefully of wisdom.

My quick thoughts:

  • The Dems will hopefully take the lesson from this election that they need to recapture the policies, the attitude, and message of the Clinton years. Less Angry Left and more southern/mid-western charm.
  • My prediction, the Clintonistas try to put Hillary front and center as the face of centrism and the best chance for the Dems to regain the White House. However, due to her location (NY), her gender (female), her negatives (people love or hate her and it has been resistant to change) and the need to win southern or mid-western states she will likely not be the best person for this job.
  • Despite this, its 50-50 that she gets pushed forward anyway. Edwards wont be able to stop her and will likely end up the candidate of the Angry Left (with a smile). My early pick is that Evan Bayh becomes to best person to emulate and build upon the Clinton legacy.
  • Guiliani will have real trouble getting the nomination due to his pro-choice/pro gay rights views. The recent election and past history (Bill Weld says hi) shows that its very difficult to get far in the party with those views. As a result, its going to be a slugfest for the nomination and for the direction of the party as moderates will likely seize on Rudy.
  • Tom Daschle is not looking so smug today.
  • Dan Rather finally proved to me that he no longer belongs on the air. As his age increases, so does his partisanship. The only thing declining is his willingness/ability to hide it.
  • Tom Brokaw really shined last night. I am not a big fan of the MSM, but have always liked Brokaw and Rather. Both covered their last presidential elections last night and it will be Brokaw that is remembered as the "giant" of journalism from this era.
  • Congrats to the President, Vice-President and their families. You earned it.
  • Condolences and well-wishes to the Kerry-Edwards team. I am not a democrat and am even less of a Kerry fan, but I feel for the man. Having a family member that worked as a consultant with the campaign in MA, I found out firsthand how joy turned to heartbreak for them. Based on the exit polls, for 5-8 hours yesterday they were convinced they had won the election.
Hopefully, more to follow later.