Thursday, October 14, 2004

Taiwanese Nuclear Program

This is not too big of a story. The events in question took place back in the 1980s. One piece stands out:

Questions about Taiwan's past nuclear ambitions resurfaced in August after an editorial in one of the island's leading newspapers suggested that nuclear weapons would be an effective deterrent for the threat posed by mainland China, which considers the island a renegade province and refuses to renounce the use of force to assert its sovereignty.

If the US ever withdraws its support for Taiwan or appears to be pulling out of the region, it is likely Taiwan will attempt to acquire/develop nukes immediately. The same would also be true of South Korea, which has dabbled with such a program in the past. Finally, Japan would also quickly go nuclear. The Japanese already have the ability and could do so in a matter of months.

It is truly frightening to consider what repercussions would follow from Japan going nuclear. To me, there is no better argument for keeping US troops abroad and engaged throughout Asia than simply discussing the nuclear scare scenario if they were to be brought home.